The Pros and Cons of Steam Radiators

Steam radiators provide an effective way of heating up your home. They use a hot water boiler that takes that water and creates steam. The steam is sent through pipes in your home to the various rooms to provide even and efficient heat. Here are some pros and cons of choosing this type of heating system.

Pro: Steam radiators are durable

If you are looking for a way to heat your home with something that is durable and lasts a long time, steam radiators are a great option. These have a long shelf life and last even longer if you get them repaired and maintained on a regular basis. You can expect regular operating potential with few major repairs needed as long as you keep up with the required maintenance.

Con: It is more expensive

You are making a long-term investment when you choose the steam radiator system for heating up your home. While it does last a long time, you will be paying more when you first purchase the equipment and have it installed. Expect to pay a little more for installation with this type of system if your home is not already set up for it.

Pro: The radiators are quiet

When comparing different types of heating radiators, steam radiators tend to be quieter than others. Some of the more traditional radiators make a lot of noise when being turned on, whether it is a portable space heater or a central forced air heating system. Hot air is not attempting to blow through vents all day, which is where a lot of the noise from other systems comes from. Heating water is generally quiet, especially since the heat is transported through pipes instead of vents.

Con: Steam radiators require more maintenance

If you want to get good use out of your steam radiator heating system, you need to keep up with regular maintenance. They do tend to require a little more maintenance than other heating systems in order to have them last a long time and continue working efficiently. You need to make sure the system is clean, the pressure gauge is working, and that it always has the right water level.

Pro: They have a simple design

Steam radiators are also beneficial due to their simplicity. There are not a lot of different moving parts and mechanisms to be aware of, which is helpful when maintaining the system is necessary. Steam radiators work very simply by heating up water until it is steaming, and sending that heat through the pipes installed in your home. There are not multiple pieces, heat pumps, or other mechanisms involved.

For more information, talk to a heating service.