Is plastering a job that's best left to the professionals?

Everyone wants to save money, and a bit of DIY can seem to be an easy way of doing so. However, if you have a wall that needs plastering, it may be best to call in a professional. Here are a few reasons.

Getting the job done right

Plastering is easy; plastering well, on the other hand, is a lot more difficult. Amateurs find it hard to judge how much plaster they need to apply, and they may come up with a mix that is either too thin or too thick. This can produce a surface that is uneven or lumpy. They may also misjudge the amount of time that the plaster needs to dry, which can again lead to an uneven appearance.

A professional plasterer will have undergone a training programme and apprenticeship, during which they will have amassed the experience they need to know how to plaster properly, and how to put right any mistakes that do arise. If you hire a professional, you will know that the job is getting done right.

Cost effectiveness

By doing your own plastering, you will save money — in the short term. However, by not doing the job right, there is a danger that the plaster will crumble, and will simply fall off the wall. There will then be further costs involved in getting someone else in to do the job properly.

A professional will not only get it right the first time, but will do it much more efficiently — taking less time, not having to obtain tools and materials, and not having to learn how to do the job. A professional will also make less mess, and will quickly clean up afterwards, saving you another job.

Health and safety

No task is risk-free, and plastering comes with its own risks. Problems can arise, such as airborne dust irritating the lungs and caustic substances coming into contact with the skin, in addition to the risks involved with working on a ladder.

A professional will be well aware of these risks and will have taken steps to minimise them. They will be better able to see the dangers before an amateur would, and if any accident does happen, they will have the necessary insurance needed to deal with it.

It takes knowledge and experience to do a plastering job right. By calling in a professional, you will ensure that the job is done effectively, safely and in the most cost-effective manner.