Reasons You May Have to Replace Ceiling Plaster

If your ceiling shows signs of trouble, such as cracks, sagging, mould and mildew, you should have it inspected promptly. After all, if the plaster falls, it could hurt everyone in the room below and also cause massive damage to furnishings, lighting fixtures and whatnot. You might wonder what issues necessitate a ceiling replacement. Following are several possibilities.

Shaky Foundations 

Of course, a home forms a united structure with everything interconnected. That's why shaky foundations can affect the ceiling plaster. If the building foundations are settling too much within the earth, it can throw the walls out of alignment, stressing the ceiling. In that case, you may notice cracks developing. Of course, in addition to addressing ceiling challenges, you'll need the building inspected to determine what is harming the foundations.

Leaky Roof Cladding 

Another reason you might need to replace ceiling plaster is if rain leaks into the roof cavity. The tiles might be cracked or moved, leaving spaces where moisture can enter. If you have a metal roof, rust may have eroded sections and left gaps. Once the ceiling plaster is saturated, it gets heavy and can spontaneously detach from the ceiling joists or beams. Moisture can also provoke a rampant mould and mildew infestation. Unfortunately, once water floods the crawl space, not only can it damage the plaster, but it can ruin the insulation and wood beams too. 

Aged Building 

Another possibility is that the building may have inevitably weathered over time. The ceiling may have been in place for years and reached or exceeded its intended life, but it needs replacing at some point like everything else. Foundation problems, which lead to ceiling problems, may also be caused by a house's overall age.

Thus, a variety of problems can lead to your home requiring a ceiling replacement. Ceiling problems can result from unstable building foundations. Alternatively, the roof cladding may have holes that allow rainwater to wreak havoc in the crawl space and destabilize the ceiling.  In other cases, the ceiling may have reached its expected lifespan, necessitating a new plaster ceiling replacement.

Make sure not to ignore such issues, as if the plaster collapses, it could cause injury to everyone in the rooms underneath. Also, some ceiling issues signal other problems, such as leaky roof cladding and shaky foundations. If you ignore these signs, your repair bill will only increase as the overall damage escalates for these structural components. For more information about new plaster ceiling replacement, contact a local professional.