Avoid These Mistakes When Attempting Your Own Shower Repairs

Many homeowners assume that they can manage their own simple plumbing fixes, but often don't realize that even a small problem can require a more complicated repair job than they realize. Shower leaks are one such problem; they're often much more technical to fix than they appear. If you're determined to fix your own leaking shower, note a few common mistakes made by many homeowners so you know to avoid them yourself.

When to Call an Engineer for a Home-Renovation or Remodelling Project

Not all home renovation and remodelling projects need an actual engineer to assist or to inspect the home before work begins; however, there are times when you may be obligated to have an engineer examine your home before you can even get your building permits. Whether doing so is legally required or not, you may want to have an engineer inspect your home and assist with your plans for a variety of reasons.

Professinal Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Methods: A Guide

Carpets provide a comfortable and practical flooring solution in any home. However, general wear and tear can cause your carpets to look dirty and worn. If this has happened to you, you should consider calling a professional carpet cleaning company to restore your carpets. Below is a guide to the different methods used by carpet cleaning companies to clean carpets. Dry Cleaning Dry cleaning your carpets involves applying a powdered cleaning solution on the fibres of your carpet.

Do You Have Concrete Cancer?

'Concrete cancer' is a colloquialism used to describe the process more properly known as concrete spalling. It's a pretty apt term for it, though; this is a problem that begins silently and rapidly grows worse and worse, is difficult to eradicate once it's bedded in and can cause a whole section of concrete to be condemned if left unchecked. So how does it get started? All you need to begin this process is moisture.

5 DIY Mistakes You're Making That Will Endanger You and Devalue Your Home

Being handy around the house is a great asset for any homeowner; you can change your AC filters, lubricate and clean your garage doors, clean out gutters and other important around-the-house duties. However, there are things you cannot do without professional assistance if you're going to maintain your house in tip-top shape, especially if you're looking to resell later on. Read on to find out more: 1. Removing asbestos Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were used on roofs, walls and flooring of older houses before it was banned in the 1980s for health reasons.